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Neobux: Renting Referrals

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Today I'll like to discuss the feature of Neobux that makes it so powerful: renting referrals.

From my previous introduction, you already know how Neobux works. To put it briefly, you click and view advertisements, and you get paid for it. A very simple system indeed.

Of course, after doing some simple maths, you would realise that if you were to click on advertisements just by yourself, you won't be getting rich any time soon. This is where renting referrals comes into the picture. What exactly will it do for you and your earnings?

To use an analogy, being on Neobux is like running your own business. You click on advertisements and earn money, but if you were to do this work all by yourself, you'd never be rich. Renting referrals is like hiring people to work for you. These referrals are real people who are clicking their advertisements daily as well, but since they work under you, you get a share of their profits as well.

Now you begin to see the power of renting referrals. With 10 rented referrals, that means 10 extra people making clicks daily that are credited to your account. Imagine if you had 100 referrals, or 1000. Your potential earnings could skyrocket!

Keeping in mind that rented referrals are just like employees, you will have to pay a monthly fee for them, which is currently $0.20. This gives you a referral for the next 30 days, and the referral's clicks will be credited to you.

Some people might be tempted to spend all their money on renting referrals, and not keep any balance. This is a risky strategy, as you should always have some money as backup. This backup money will come in useful when you need to recycle referrals or extend them.

Personally, my strategy is to spend approximately half on referrals, and keep the other half for managing. For example, I would deposit $10, but spend $5 on buying 25 referrals, instead of 50 referrals. This is a very prudent measure and works well for me, but keep in mind that the more you invest, the faster you will earn from Neobux.

Another thing to note is that referrals can only be bought once a week. Hence it's very important that you calculate how many referrals you are going to purchase. Once you've bought 20 for the week, you won't be able to go back and get more until the next! That might cause your earning speed to slow down, compared to a member who purchased 100 referrals (5x the earning potential).

Neobux Referral Statistics

Here are just some of my referrals that are rented under my account. As you can see, these guys have been clicking quite regularly, hence they are marked as green in my list. You may notice a column called Avg that you are unsure of. Basically, this is an indicator to tell you how well your referral is doing, and I will be discussing this in my next post.

I hope my short writeup on renting referrals has inspired you to start renting some referrals and earning more money with Neobux. Having a good number of rented referrals is really key to unlocking the potential of Neobux. If you haven't registered with them, don't dilly dally any longer and sign up today! The earlier you start, the earlier you'll be earning lots of money!

You may have noticed that I used a new term "recycle". What is recycling? And I also promised you I'll be talking abt Avg as well. Both of that will be in my next post, as well as a new concept called Break Even Point, that will allow you to determine the quality of your referrals and how much profit you'll be making.

PS: You might be interested to know how much investment I've made into this program. If you recall my very first post, one of the important criteria for me was no initial investment. I'm proud to say that any investment in Neobux has been from the earnings I made from my other online programs, such as iPanelonline SG, and my personal investment to date is $0!

See you at the top!


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